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27th Annual Northwest Harvest Benefit Race Entry Form
Saturday, September 21, 2019
  Sail No*:    Boat Name:  
    (* This must be provided even if you make up a number and put it on your sail with dark tape - otherwise the RC can not identify you.)
Mfg./Designer:        Length in feet:   
                                                     (Hunter, Cal, etc.)                           (Please use round numbers)
Other Yacht Club Affiliation:

PHRF Rating:       FS:   NFS: 

 (Power boats and sailboats - Winner will be drawn from a hat)          
    ** If not enough entrants, we will put you in one of the other classes.

I certify that the above information is correct. In consideration of entering this event, I represent to its organizers that my yacht has liability insurance currently in affect, covering property damage, personal injury and death, in an amount not less than $300,000.00 per occurrence, and that the policy covers yacht racing activities. I acknowledge that the decision to enter my yacht and participate in this race is solely my own. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing as adopted by U.S. Sailing, including national prescriptions, except as modified by the Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Safety Rules and organizer’s instructions for this event. I will monitor VHF channel 14 when in the vicinity of and while occupying the VTS lanes and channel 69 at all other times.
The Mandatory Skippers Meeting is at 10:30AM at Ballard Elks Lodge before the race. Presentation of trophies and prizes will be at the Ballard Elks Lodge on the evening of race day.
Race Entry Fee (includes one ticket to dinner/dance/auction until sold out)  
$50 plus $1 per foot of boat length in $5 increments (30' minimum)

For Example:
30' boat or less - $30 + $50 = $80
Up to 35' boat - $35 + $50 = $85
Up to 40' boat - $40 + $50 = $90
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