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Membership Terms

THE UNDERSIGNED, who is an Annual Member, a Casual Member (weekly), or an Associate Member (married) of Seattle Singles Yacht Club (SSYC), a Washington non-profit corporation, agrees to hold SSYC, its Members, Officers and Directors, harmless from any and all liability, whether known or unknown, which may arise out of Member’s membership in SSYC, any of its activities and/or as a passenger or skipper on a boat skippered by a Member of SSYC. The undersigned further agrees to indemnify SSYC from any and all claims and causes of action which Members for third parties may have, and arising from the undersigned being a Member of SSYC participating in any of its activities and/or a passenger or skipper on a boat skippered by a Member of SSYC.

Annual, Casual, and Associate Members are to understand that Seattle Singles Yacht Club does not own or operate any boats itself. All members participating in on-the-water activities are the guests on a boat skippered and owned by a member of SSYC. SSYC does not validate, test, nor endorse the competency of Skippers or their boats nor verify that they have insurance.

All Annual, Casual and Associate Members agree to hold its Members, Officers, Directors, and Club Skippers, harmless from any and all liability, whether known or unknown, which may arise out of a Skipper's negligent or unforeseen acts while acting as a Skipper on an outing sanctioned by SSYC.

All Annual, Casual and Associate Members are to understand and agree through their participation that boating may be an inherently dangerous activity, including unforeseen forces of nature, and the actions of participants and other parties. Members assume their own risk in participating in all activities. The terms of this indemnity shall also serve as an agreement for all members' heirs, personal representatives and family, including any minors.

In part, this indemnity is provided as a recognition that SSYC is a non-profit organization and without protection of its assets, its leaders and skippers, SSYC would not be able to offer the boating activities.

All Annual, Casual, and Associate members agree that SSYC and its Skippers DO NOT allow firearms or illegal drugs on any boat during any boating activity (on the water or dockside).

Any photographs taken at the club, outside activities, or aboard Member's boats may be posted on the SSYC websites, newsletter or bulletin boards. A member has the right to request in writing for the removal of any photographs.

All Annual, Casual and Associate Members understand that SSYC is an Equal Opportunity membership organization and is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment free of discrimination. Discrimination against individuals is strictly prohibited. Harassment of any kind, sexual in nature or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. All members are free to review SSYC's full discrimination policy on file with the club's board. Should any violation of policy arise, members are encouraged to report such an incident to your Skipper, the Fleet Captain, the Member-at-Large, or any member of the Board of SSYC.

THE UNDERSIGNED further states that they are of lawful age and legally competent to sign this release and understand that the terms herein are contractual and not merely recital. A copy of this agreement is available upon request.

I accept membership into Seattle Singles Yacht Club. I understand that membership is not valid until approved by the club’s Board of Trustees.

Signature on File

All SSYC members must have a signed copy of these Membership Terms on file with the SSYC before participating in any club activities. 

Seattle Singles Yacht Club
2442 NW Market St., #432
Seattle, WA 98107

SSYC is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. 

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