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SSYC Skipper Qualification Guidelines

During your Skipper application process online, check the box to indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to the following Qualifications to become an SSYC Skipper.

1. To qualify (for reimbursement of annual dues) as an SSYC Skipper, the skipper must turn-in twenty-five (25) different crew trips and a minimum of six (6) announced trips at club meetings in one membership year. A crew-trip is one person on a single boat-trip, a boat trip is a minimum of one (1) hour off the dock. 

2. The Skipper must announce the boat-trip and the number of spots (crew) available for sign-up. The number of announced crew must be available for sign-up (not “I’m taking out X-number, but all spots are filled”). Alternate sign-ups are allowed, but will not count as crew unless they are allowed to attend the boat-trip. If the only crew trips announced are for alternates, and no alternate is allowed to attend, the trip does not count.

3. On announced boat-trips, only casual members who sign-up at the meeting or club members who sign-up at the meeting or after the meeting will count as crew-trips.

4. The only unannounced trips that will count are official club overnight events, and only club members who sign up and attend the trip will be counted as crew-trips. Overnights can be turned in on one trip sheet showing total count for crew and trip.

5. Signed-up no-shows will count as crew.

6. An announced sign-up where no-one signs up (a skunk), will be awarded 1 boat-trip and 1 crew-trip, if the only crew-trips announced are for alternates and no one signs up, no boat-trip or crew trips will be awarded.

7. Cancellations by the skipper prior to the outing shall not count as a trip. Cancellations by the Fleet Captain due to safety will count.

8. Any outing canceled by the skipper at the boat due to weather, equipment, or any safety concern shall count.

9. Any other skipper absorbing the canceled trip shall be allowed to count the said trips.

10. Skippers must use official SSYC sign-up sheets and turn them into the Fleet Captain within 45 days or prearranged time for approval and official counting. The Skipper must write the number of crew & trips in the provided boxes on the sign-up sheet.

11. To qualify for Super Skipper, the skipper must have either 150 crew-trips or 30 boat-trips in one calendar year (January 1 through December 31) that qualify under the above guidelines.

12. The Fleet Captain shall have discretion to settle all other issues regarding trips, and shall attempt to be consistent with previous settlements.

13. The Skipper receiving the SSYC trip credit must be the vessel’s Skipper and must be a Board approved Skipper (or have paper work pending) and has the sole responsibility of the vessel and crew while underway. Partners in a vessel that share in the responsibilities may announce under the same vessel but not the same trip. All Skippers must meet the By-Laws and above requirements to announce.

14. These guidelines do not preclude the authority of a Seattle Singles Yacht Club Skipper over his or her vessel or the operation of that vessel. These guidelines do not prevent skippers from inviting any guest of their choice on any SSYC club trip, providing they have signed the SSYC Trip Sign-Up Sheet. The purpose is to provide guidelines and consistency regarding our skippers qualifications, in determining his or her annual renewal as an SSYC Skipper, and Super Skipper status. 

15. All Skippers must meet the By-Laws and above requirements to announce.  


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