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2024 Goosebumps Race Series

36th Goosebumps 2024 Race Series

Lake Union, Seattle, WA

1~3pm, Jan 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11, 18

Sponsored by the Seattle Singles Yacht Club

2024 Race Chair Bunny Alexandroni

Goosebumps is a Just for fun” event – no handicap scoring. We provide a R/C boat, marked course, flags, horns and will post results on the web site and the Goosebumps Facebook page. No protests will be heard or accepted. Be aware that there are float planes, commercial and recreational boat traffic, inexperienced mariners (kayaks, paddle boards, hot tubs, etc.), and marked and unmarked hazards. Each skipper is responsible for their boat, for obeying the navigational rules (COLREGS) and having a working VHF radio.

Check-in is by voice at the committee boat. A teal goose will be awarded to all starters at first check-in.

Goosebumps stickers will be awarded to the top three finishers: (Blue, Red and Yellow).  Points are awarded in order of non-handicapped finishes in each class. There are awards for individual races and over-all awards for the series.

There will be two class/starts:

13:00  Start - Fast Boats (self-declared)

13:05 Start - All the Rest

Flags and Horns. (Flags prevail)


12:50   1 long horn, White Flag Up

12:54   White Flag Down

12:55   1 long horn, Blue Flag Up

12:59   Blue Flag Down

1st Start

13:00   1 long horn, Red Flag Up (For one minute)

2nd Start

13:05   1 long horn, Red Flag Up

**For a 2 or more lap race you must finish each lap through the start/finish line at the finish of each lap.**

If the weather is too radical, we reserve the right to abandon the race.  Any abandonment will be announced on VHF channel 69. Other use of the radio should be avoided except for R/C use and emergencies. Check the FB Goosebumps website page for last minute details.

Seattle Singles Yacht Club (SSYC) sponsors this race. Thank you to Northwest Riggers for creating and hosting this annual event for many years. SSYC meets Monday nights at 7:00. Check the website for details. Sailors, power boaters, and wannabe boaters are welcome.

2023 Goosebumps Race Series

SSYC Benefit Race for Northwest Harvest Benefit

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