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We are also pleased to extend our fellowship and reciprocal program to reciprocating yacht clubs. Reciprocal privileges remain VALID UNTIL REVOKED. Reciprocal privilege guidelines are as follows:

• Moorage is at Fisherman’s terminal on a first come, first eligible basis.

• The moorage reimbursement is limited to a maximum of 40 feet.

• Restricted to one available slip per day.

• Maximum of one night stay per eligible boat.

• Available only to skippers and their boats that belong to clubs with reciprocal agreements with SSYC.

• Receipt must be mailed to SSYC at the address below with proof of skipper’s membership to eligible yacht clubs.

• Shore power is not included.

The entrance to Fisherman’s terminal is located at 47° 39.515 N, 122° 22.690 W on the Lake Washington Ship Canal just east of the Hiram Chittenden Locks. Information about the marina can be found at

For a listing of who we have reciprocal privileges with, click here.

Mail reimbursement requests to:

Seattle Singles Yacht Club
2442 NW Market St., #432
Seattle, WA 98107