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Boating Announcements 5/2/24

 Skipper Vessel Marina Date/Time Brief Description
 Larry Gill Tara TBD  Return boat to Elliott Bay

Congratulations go out to Robin Cole

Mon, April 12, 2021 4:48 PM | Deleted user

Congratulations are certainly in order to our own Robin Cole, who along with the support of her team, Bunny Alexandroni, won the Goosebumps Cookie Bake Off, this year.  Kari Ingalls has valiantly made ALL of the cookies for Goosebumps (with some help from her SSYC friends) in the recent past.  This year we had five amazing teams of cookie bakers that baked for each of the five (one canceled due to snow) races.  The ladies of SSYC outdid themselves yet again.  BUT in an impromptu, not guaranteed, undocumented, survey, Robin’s brownies were proven to be the favorite among the Goosebumps racers.  Just like a lot of the Goosebumps races, this one was almost too close to call. Congratulations Robin, for stepping up and kickin ars! Robin was awarded the cutest apron ever with a great goose motif.  She also received a handy Tupperware container for her next batch!  Bake on!


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